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  • Why Healing Truth? "People sometimes choose a lifetime of misery by not facing a disagreement, rather than choosing the short-term discomfort of engaging in an authentic conversation. Conflict does not need to be perpetually painful. It may feel uncomfortable. However, in confronting it with compassion, curiosity, and confidence, you may then heal and move forward. I love supporting people in speaking their truth and giving them the tools to show up as their best selves. I truly believe that truth does more than set you free. Truth heals."

  • What is Sherry's education and experience? Sherry completed civil and advanced mediation training through Hamline University’s Dispute Resolution Institute in 1997, and certified family law mediation training in 1998. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Hamline University's College of Liberal Arts in 1995 and Juris Doctor from William Mitchell College of Law in 1999, and maintains a license to practice law in the State of Minnesota and U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota. While practicing public interest law, she assisted thousands of clients in consumer, education, employment, family, housing, public benefits, and senior legal matters. Sherry heartily believes people improve relationships, enhance ongoing communication, and create lasting solutions if they choose the process for talking about conflict and help create the plan to resolve it. A qualified neutral on the Minnesota Supreme Court's Rule 114 roster, she is also a member of Minnesota State Bar Association’s Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) section. In addition to being a mediator, conflict coach, and conflict resolution skills trainer, Sherry serves as adjunct faculty at Mitchell Hamline School of Law.  Although Sherry has extensive education, training and experience in conflict resolution, she says life has given her the greatest insight and understanding.  

  • What else? Sherry grew up in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin and now lives in Alexandria, Minnesota. She has lived and worked in the metropolitan area of Minneapolis-St. Paul and rural Appalachia in Prestonburg, Kentucky, and studied and traveled in Central America, New Zealand, and Australia. She appreciates the beauty and richness of people everywhere, and learning their "why." Sherry participates actively within various organizations. 

    You will likely find her biking, hiking, reading, traveling, or enjoying the beautiful outdoors during her play time. 

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